To me, yoga is many things...
Healing for my body
Calming for my mind
Nourishment for my soul
Yoga sustains community & keeps us sane. 
The truth is, I could not live without it.
Yoga saved my life. 



"Practice and all is coming."
- Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

 I began my yoga practice in 1989 with Chuck Miller at the original YogaWorks on Montana. At the time, it was just a small room with a nail salon next door. Over the next seven years, my practice became very important to me.

It still is. 

Influential teachers include Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Erich Schiffman, Paul Grilley, Tim Miller and Tony Briggs. Peggy brings her deep connection to movement, offbeat humor, and life experience to her practice. Teaching is her karma yoga. 


"We have been friends and fellow yogis with Peggy Orr for over two decades. We have slept in her home, eaten her food and enjoyed her company and conversation both on and off the mat. We have practiced together, meditated together and discussed yoga with her for all these many years. We have experienced first hand her generous spirit and nurturing strength.

Peggy didn't come to yoga with a desire to teach, she came with a desire to experience its healing effects. She has practiced and practiced and practiced and she has tested for herself how yoga can enhance a person's life. This is why she can so easily help others find their own shade beneath the broad branches of yoga."   -Paul & Suzee Grilley


"Peggy is one of the true treasures of the Marin yoga community. She is one of Nick and my favorite teachers. She and Jimmy together are so much fun to be around. They are perfect models of health, happiness, and love!" - Amanda and Nicholas (MCYogi) Giacomini